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In the highly competitive world of custom home building there is a builder in the Traverse City area that stands above all the rest, Saxton/McCumby Builders, Inc. Marv Saxton and Mike McCumby have built their business on old fashioned principles, "by doing things one-way, the right way." They have had tremendous success with this philosophy and will continue to do so in the future. "When starting a home the most important part for us is to meet the customer and make sure things 'click' between us," explains Marv. "If we can't have the personalities work together, the job won't go very smooth." They take their customers to past projects for examples of their work. "Our previous customers practically sell the project for us," says Marv. When everything works out they then do a detailed cost presentation. Customers want to know where their money is going with no hidden, unexpected costs. "We feel that our customers feelings are very important, after all this is their home and their money," said Marv. "The most essential part of the whole process is to produce a quality home and give personal attention to our customers. We like to finish the job as friends at the end of the build." ~ Builders Journal